Tips for Mobile Advertising in the Future


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November 09th, 2017

We’ve all clicked on those ads that pop up on our phones constantly, by mistake or intentionally. The avenue of these ads has gone up considerably since 2010, ever since smartphones were on the rise. But with the discovery of ad block apps, this has decreased. It is a challenge to now advertise through most websites. Apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. still manage to sneak these ads in. The future of advertising is social media, mobile advertising being on the top. Here are some tips to effectively advertise through apps on mobile phones.

1) Ads do not have to open up a new website.

When a consumer clicks on your banner ad, it doesn’t need to take them to a different website—now the ad itself can be triggered to expand as an interactive overlay and deliver rich experiences right then and there. This way the consumer doesn't waste time

2) Native ads

Advertisers have to figure out how to engage mobile device owners and not reduce user satisfaction. One of the better solutions for that is to use native ads. According to a recent study of IHS Technology native advertising will generate 63.2% of mobile display advertising and amount to $53.4bn by 2020

3) Geo-targeting, Geofencing, Beaconing

by making the ads location specific, the consumers are more prone to engage in the offer or promotions

4) Age-specific

By targeting a certain age group, the ads become more specific. This saves both the funds invested and unwanted ads floating everywhere.

5) Personalized ads

These are based on the consumer's interests. On collecting data of the consumer the ads are personalized in variables like location, temperature, a particular day of week, an hour of the day into personalized announcements that make mobile user’s life easier, interesting and convenient.

6) Social media apps

it’s now a huge trend to endorse celebrities. Using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, celebrities are paid to promote products and advertise for them. It can be in the form of a picture or a video. This is viewable to everyone regardless of being ad blocked as it’s not a pop-up or a sponsored ad post.

7) Gaming

Games have become a huge hit. With the evolution of smartphones, one does not need a PlayStation or an x-box. Since games are on the hype, advertising can be done for a product using a game designed around the product. For example, a KFC campaign with a cooking game can be developed to promote it.

Although statistics show 70% of people dislike mobile ads. Using tricks, the consumers can be caught in a loop. Ad block apps are on the rise and to overcome the rising problem these tips may be effective.

Email marketing is a big industry today, companies pay a lot of interest to advertising in this way. Although it does have its flaws it does a great job in conserving. By advertising in this way, we are not only reducing pollution and waste in the form of paper but we are also ensuring consumer privacy, giving them the liberty to choose, which this is not possible in other mediums.

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