Minimalistic Social Media Marketing - a New Approach


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November 26th, 2017

Social media today is a huge platform to advertise. Not only can you advertise but can increase your Search engine ranking, creates brand awareness and great market research opportunities.

As millennials, most of us spend a lot of time on the internet than any other platform. So marketing has widely adapted to advertise on the internet. Often too many ads on display irritate people, it does cause awareness but you probably get no sales. So how exactly do you go about your marketing on social media without coming off as annoying? Here's how.

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Cutting back on social media marketing and concentrating on directly driving sales -- cold emailing, PPC advertising, etc. Making the right choices is important, so taking time is crucial.

These steps should help you in that

1) A Schedule:

Social media is like space. It has no starting point nor an ending point, so management of time can be extremely difficult. Hence setting a schedule is the best method. Allot 30 minutes or a certain duration every day to carry out certain duties. For example, start off by posting a video maybe, then move on to editing, then probably answering queries on Twitter, looking through orders, etc . Focus on one task at a time and avoid emails or phone calls during that time. The internet has distractions everywhere, mastering the act of concentration would be very helpful.

2) Choose a Platform:

Managing many Accounts can be difficult. Not only is it time-consuming but it's also futile. It's smart to choose the platforms or channels you wish to stay on. Different channels offer different content. While YouTube is to videos, Instagram is to pictures. So judging by the type of content you wish to post and the number of followers, you could pick the best. Google Analytics also helps you in telling you which networks are bringing you the most traffic.

3) Content:

If you're spending less time online, then you must be spending more time on content development. It's better to have great content posted over a longer duration than posting every day and having content that not up there in quality.

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4) Automation:

Logging into different accounts to post content? You don't have to anymore. Using Post Planner, Buffer, and Hootsuite , you can automate the sharing onto all your social media accounts. Always plan ahead. Keep your content ready, resize your images, make sure to look up hashtags to post your content under, know what's trending and what will get you traffic. Try and distribute your work such as image creation or image editing, captions to freelancers to save up on time.

Keeping track of your account, the attention your post receives must be checked on a daily basis to make necessary changes if needed. I bet your net sales have increased since you're spending less time on social media. The focus is key, remember the faster you finish something, more time you have to yourself.

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