Mailable Microsites – An Emerging Trend in Email Marketing!


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November 21th, 2017

Marketing through email continues to remain an essential communications channel to every business. According to DMAs latest email tracker, an email on an average receives 30 times Return on Investment (ROI) than any other means of communication. About 95% of respondents rated emails as “very important” to their business.

However, competition continues to thrive in email marketing as communication through social media platforms remain crucial and competitors enhance their approach with every passing minute. Thus, it is highly important to monitor the success of factors of improving ROI through email.

Mailable Microsites – An Emerging Trend in Email Marketing

Some of the marketing activities like loyalty programs, customization and mass emails are crucial to an email marketing strategy. While SEO, content and social media and other forms of online advertising may enhance your sales by getting you the right target customers, but it is essential that marketers use innovative forms of email marketing to get the required attention and ultimately conversion.

Mailable Microsites is the new trend that is doing the rounds in the marketing industry. Although new in the market, mailable microsites are creating a huge impact on email marketing strategies as it has the ability to increase customer research, engagement, and retention.

For those who aren’t aware, a mailable microsite is an interactive electronic mail, which lets users to act together within an email interface in the inbox. This approach will help retain target customers and offer a more appealing side to the content. Interactive emails are unique and promise to keep customers engaged till the very the end of the mail.

Here are some characteristics that set mailable microsites apart from regular emails:

1) Sharing on social media:

Unlike regular emails, interactive emails allow customers to share relevant content on their social media. This is a great way of amplifying brand message through customers.

2) Animations:

Gifs, videos, images and animations have a great potential to keep users or target customers engaged for a longer duration.

3) Integrated online forms:

Often marketers on regular emails attach a separate file or share a link to customers for completing a survey, filling a questionnaire or providing suggestions. This can be of great annoyance and a time consuming affair to many. Interactive emails, on the other hand, lets marketers to directly include questionnaires and surveys without directing customers to a separate online landing page.

Mailable Microsites – An Emerging Trend in Email Marketing
4) Countdown clocks:

This special feature in interactive emails alerts users of the urgency to take action. For marketers, adding in a countdown clock in promotions and sales will help them enhance conversions, thus good profit.

Interactive mailable microsites are the future of email marketing as it has the ability to offer the target customer everything they require on a plate – with very little or no effort required.

5) Customers need not leave their inbox to view content, access videos or complete online surveys. This innovative digital marketing technique fosters customer engagement by not letting them leave their inbox.

Although most companies aren’t aware, or perhaps this technology is yet to be launched in many countries, marketing professionals must make use of whatever technology they have in hand just ensure all customers receive a professionally written, well-designed and created email.

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