Lead Generation through Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Strategies


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November 29th, 2017

Pay Per Click or PPC, as the term suggests, is a form of digital marketing technique that makes use of keywords or trigger words for promoting business on the web. Unlike other forms of advertising, PPC marketing has scaled tremendous heights as it has been preferred the best method of promoting a product or service online.

As per internetlivestats.com, over 40% of people across the world use internet and the number of users keep increasing by the second. Hence, there is a fair chance for a business to advertise their products or service by the means of PPC marketing.

Lead Generation through Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Strategies

To make a success of any PPC campaign, a marketing professional must find the keywords that best describe their brand. PPC marketing is actively used these days by marketers as it considered a reliable channel to reach online visitors.

According to a study, over 75% of online users could be reached through PPC marketing campaigns. PPC marketing is also a great technique to generate potential leads. Although PPC marketing is a little complex to generate leads, it is essential that marketers know in detail all the nuts and bolts about PPC marketing before implementing the same in their business.

PPC strategies when coupled with network marketing techniques generates great conversions only if the marketer knows how to use the technique effectively. By following proper guidelines or even through trial and error, a marketer can generate an abundance of leads using PPC marketing. They key is to have a well worked PPC marketing principles that gets along with network marketing strategies.

1) Sponsored proposal:

Using sponsored proposals or independent product ideas for generating leads through PPC marketing will get them more enhanced conversions.

A marketer must learn the technique of relating their information product or service with their parent company. The high profitability of the information products or services makes it simpler to use these products in advertising for the sole purpose of lead generation. However, if a marketer does not use sponsored proposals, but is still interested in promoting their product or service, they can get it done by using PPC marketing strategies.

2) Use keywords which are indirect in nature:

Irrespective of whether a marketer is promoting a sponsored proposal or the actual product or service of the parent company, another great marketing strategy is to use keywords that have low returns and are indirectly related to what the marketer is trying to promote. Hence, a marketer would have to create web pages or landing pages that are related to the indirect keywords generated.

Likewise, a marketer can also market other products or services and even sponsored proposals on those web pages.

3) Develop separate keyword ad groups:

Marketers should avoid consolidating keywords used in PPC marketing under one advertisement as it significantly increases their PPC costs and simultaneously decreases the PPC outcomes. Having keywords under one ad incapacitates a marketer’s ability to modify their ads. Hence, it is recommended that they create separate ad groups for the keywords used as it will decrease costs, increase click rates and generate more leads for the business.

Lead Generation through Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Strategies
4) Perform split tests:

One of the common errors that marketers do which executing PPC marketing is their inability to separate search engine PPC results from ads shown on the content networks.

A marketer must ensure to keep their search results separate from content network results and develop separate ads for the two. This can help them track the outcomes of their products or services, conduct split tests, and also see which form of PPC marketing is generating the best results.

PPC marketing for generating leads is not an easy affair. A considerable amount of time, experienced, effort money goes into developing an expert in this domain. The only method to deliver seamless results through PPC marketing is to get right into it and learn techniques that will promise lead conversions for a business.

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