Integrating Live Chat into your Business – Boon or Bane




September 25th, 2017

Most of us swear by online shopping these days. From clothes and accessories to gadgets, electrical equipments, and even home décor items, we tend to depend on online platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, e-Bay and their million other counterparts.Despite how advantageous and cost effective online shopping can be, it does come with certain detriments. For one, the items that we see in pictures online, can end up being very different from what they seem like. To erase whatsoever doubts we may have with regard to this, we either dive into the deep realms of the site to find more information, or, we resort to customer service.


Now, sailing through a customer service call successfully can be a whole other ball game. One tends to even forget the very purpose of the call amidst all the music and numbers to choose from, and the waiting. An adept solution to this - is Live Chat.

Live Chat enables customers to clear their doubts effectively by way of live chats with chat agents. These agents would clear all their doubts in the span of a few minutes. Online portals that have enforced Live Chat in their business, report a much higher rate of customer trust and satisfaction in comparison to those who don’t. A business’s ultimate aim is profit making through customer satisfaction, and this is one of those sure shot methods that could result in both. A lot of immensely successful corporations like Dell, Sears, Orbitz and TotalGym have implemented live chat and reaped its benefits.

Live Chat provides a sense of reliability on the site in the customers’ minds. Statistics show that 63% of online shoppers who use Live Chat report higher likeliness in revisiting the same site. As turning one-time buyers into regular customers is every online business owner’s dream, Live Chat is definitely one bankable method to harbor. Also, customer service can make or break the first impression of a business, which is why it’s crucial to win over the customers in the right way.

According to the customers themselves, live chat is a particular favorite of theirs for good customer service. 40% of online buyers who had used live chat were more likely to make purchases from the same site at least once a week, compared to only 22% of those who never chatted. Statistics also show that 92% of customers pick live chat over other channels of customer care, including phone, web form, email, Facebook, and Twitter.

How efficient Live Chat conversations can be for a customer is based on the time period taken to complete the entire conversation and the quality of the conversation in itself. Research data on the same suggests that the highest ratings came in for conversations which lasted for about 10 minutes.

The ideal time frame would be 15 minutes, which got an 88% customer satisfaction rate. Agents must ensure that all the questions raised by a consumer must be answered potently. Waiting time is another criterion that one needs to look into in Live Chat. According to statistical data, a waiting time between 150-200 seconds proved ideal with respect to satisfaction ratings in comparison to anything more than 200 seconds or less than 50 seconds.

A lot of online portals have resorted to Live Chat over the last five years. Research data suggests that the global live chat usage has been steadily up scaling since 2009, when only 385 companies used live chat for their customers. In the year 2012, 43% of companies were using live chat, and two years later, the percentage of companies that have implemented Live Chat in online businesses has grown to 58%. Thus, even authentic research data suggests that Live Chat can only be a boon to online businesses that are trying to make a mark with their customers.

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