Here is how Twitter’s 280 Character Increase can let you Market your Business Better

No doubt, Twitter is a great social media platform to promote business solutions, services and products to target consumers, but initially marketing professionals had issues cramming their brand message within the 140 character limit. But now there has been a respite for busy social media marketers.

Here is how Twitter’s 280 Character Increase can let you Market your Business Better

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November 18th, 2017

Twitter, recently, announced their timelines have doubled in size. All tweets by users will fit 280 characters, up from the iconic 140 character tweet. According to Twitter’s official statement, the new limit rolled out to twitter users will be the standard in every language except for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This is phenomenal move for Twitter and even a bigger move for businesses that generate income from social media platforms.

With the relevant increase in character limit will help marketers to focus directly on generating creative, yet unique content.

Marketers can now create lengthier tweets that initiate more conversations with their target consumers, besides keeping engaged and engrossed in the content generated. Of course, this could have been achieved with the 140 character limit, but with the new rollout, marketers can type concise tweets that say more about the brand without worrying of character limits or having to generate two or more tweets to disseminate the message.

According to official data, Twitter has about 330 million monthly active users worldwide and with the new rollout, marketers can create a revolution in the industry.

The more they post about their brand, the more likely are target consumers to engage with the brand, hence more conversions. The main objective for a marketing professional is to drive active interaction between them and their followers by constantly updating consumers through tweets, re-tweets, replies, favorites and even mentions.

However, it again depends on how well the catchy and unique the tweets are. The better the quality of tweets, the greater boost marketers will witness in the long-run as consumers will learn to approach them for relevant information.

Apart from content, hashtags play a significant role in getting the required attention for a brand, especially on a platform like Twitter. Hashtags are known for their role in increasing brand visibility in search engine rankings.

In recent years, hashtags have been used actively with every tweet by marketers to promote a business event, campaign and even spread general awareness. The use of hashtags on every tweet makes it easier for customers to find, follow and contribute to a conversation.

Here is how Twitter’s 280 Character Increase can let you Market your Business Better
Here are a few valuable tips to help businesses utilize the 280 character limit to its fullest:
  • Begin adding additional detail about the brand in the tweets. Make it more classic, trendy and unique.
  • Marketers must have a fair understanding on using hashtags in tweets. Hashtags act like keywords and if used well can direct consumers to the right page. The more correctly a hashtag is used, the more visibility the brand receives.
  • Ensure shared images aren’t bland with improper titles or no captions at all. Offer a good description with shared images to instigate active conversations with customers.
  • The most important of all – respond to the tweets of each and every consumer. Feel free to enquire. Be highly expressing and offer precision while answering consumer queries.

Twitter has been a great social media marketing tool for businesses to build its brand and customer base. Nothing expresses the brand of a company on Twitter other good quality and catchy content. Being in a position to share valuable content without character limitations that Twitter once supported in the past is an added advantage to using their marketing strategy and bolstering the development of their business.

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