Get Your Clients to Get An App




November 26th, 2017

Companies don't have the time to focus on all aspects of a business. That's why they hire agencies to help them in marketing. While this is being taken care of by the agencies, some clients are still pretty stubborn and stay reluctant to develop an App which is highly beneficial. They fail to realize that more than 80% of the population spent time on a mobile app than on the website.

Mobile phones are being favored over desktops as well. So it's advisable to move along, follow the trend. But How do you get your client to do so?

Get Your Clients to Get An App

Global Mobile vs Desktop Internet User Projection

1) Show them the frenemies

Clients are bound to have competition around the city. A simple app search or a Google search will show your client how there are so many results. Draw a comparison and showing them how they lost out on customers because they didn't have an App. They would commit to the application development just to get noticed. Using the term ‘' early adopters always lure them in.

2) Make it seem like a bargain

If your client is just now jumping on the email marketing or social media marketing then an App development can wait. A Mobile Application can be easily made without knowing any codes these days for an affordable price. So this is a great attraction for your client. Introduce the application to them and provide them with upgrades now and again, increasing features, integrations, and platform compatibility. This would give them enough time to play with the application and make it seem like they bargained for the service. Your client is happy and so are you.

3) Provide a sample

It's always convincing when you see something physically. The client is the same. Showing them a draft of how the app would work, look and feel like to a customer should be convincing enough. If they still fail to buy the idea, remind them of how the phone is portable and always available and how apps are more effortless to use.

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4) Make the App the solution

Let them know how getting an App would solve problems with customer care, sales, marketing, commerce, operations, returns, refunds, etc. Creating a list of advantages and assuring them of how much they would profit from it will guarantee your clients commitment, especially if they are desperately in need of a solution to help in their business.

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