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November 06th, 2017

E-mails, a term that's not often used as it used to be. “I’ll mail you a copy“, “ I’ll email you the pictures “ one heard these phrases ever so often. Now, this has shifted to other platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc. But one of the uses of emails till date is advertising. While email marketing has its drawbacks it's still used and does a great job at increasing customers for a company and promoting their products.

1) Emails can be sent at any time, from anywhere and to anyone

E-mails are functional at all times. On all holidays, on Sundays and when there's an emergency. Time zones don't have to be kept in mind while sending out emails. The sender does not have to worry about disturbing their customers, as one reads their emails according to their convenience.

2) It is fast and efficient

Emails cost close to nothing. It is easily sent to a people with just one click. This makes advertising a lot more easier. It's less time consuming is automated these days. The system uses a list of email Ids to forward to. This saves a lot of money for the company which can be invested in inventory instead. Email marketing is a boon for start up companies and low budget companies as they get to advertise for free.

3) Convenient for the customers

It keeps their customers well informed of any offers or upcoming events without them having to physically find out. Coupons can be sent via emails, Contests held and another sort of queries can be answered as well. It connects the suppliers and the customers. Customers always have the options of subscribing to newsletters of their favorite brands and suppliers, if they wish to opt away, there is always an unsubscribe button that enables the customer to be removed from the email list of the company. Emails have also helped ease the process of returning items and contact customer care.

4) Easy to share

Customers have the options of sharing these emails, this is a big advantage as it would increase the growth in consumers. One does not face the difficulties of getting facts right all they would have to do is forward the email. This comes handy during times of sales, a new store, etc

5) Email marketing also opens up options for a company

consumers are usually attracted by visuals. Emails provide companies the opportunity to design their company in such a way that they are simple, attractive and capture the customer's attention. It also gives job opportunities for those specializing in digital design or web design.

Email marketing is a big industry today, companies pay a lot of interest to advertising in this way. Although it does have its flaws it does a great job in conserving. By advertising in this way, we are not only reducing pollution and waste in the form of paper but we are also ensuring consumer privacy, giving them the liberty to choose, which this is not possible in other mediums.

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