'Digital Unicorn' Is the upcoming Big Marketing Hire You need to cause


Digital Marketing


July 20th, 2017

If a question arises, what is the next trend within Digital Marketing? The answer would be simply: Digital Unicorn. If you’re not familiar with this term, it is someone with public relations background but a firm grip on digital. This unicorn knows how to edit and shoot videos and can also code HTML.


1) Benefits of SEO

All are well known about Google values quality content if you follow SEO industry. Days are long away passed where you can customize Google’s search engine with poor quality content. You need to constantly increase your domain authority which is something this unicorn can initiate. Google’s core algorithm and page rank is predicted of backlines. The more integrity, the higher the website domain authority.

When a high quality site within the industry or city links back to your site, it can improve your SEO drastically. With Digital PR Specialist, you can not only aggregate the relationships with these sites, but can also write articles and promote them on social. This can lead to more referral traffic, keyword ranking on first page of Google, Brand recognition and more revenue for your business.

2) Quality is the Ruler

It is most important to realize that fascinating content is the back bone for the success of marketing. Millions of new photos and million hours of video are added and consumed on social channels like Facebook. If your content is not alluring, nobody will pay attention to your brand.

A Digital Specialist can aid you hit a target with the strategy of your content. This will actually make your advertising budget work more efficiently while making people to pay attention to your brand.

3) Digital Unicorn

If your digital PR specialist can enhance your search engine ranking place, write an incredible copy of quality content, you found an extremely valuable advantage for your business.

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