B2B Marketing – A lot More to Know About




November 07th, 2017

Making a commercial transaction from one business to another is known as business-to-business marketing (B2B Marketing). So in other words, the employees of one company make products or goods that are sold to another company, and at the end, this company will sell it to the consumers/public.

There are some basic does and don’ts in B2B Marketing that every company must know
  • Never copy your competitors – Find a more interesting product or revolve around the same idea but with a twist of your own.
  • Work on getting customers through various forms of social media and networking sites
  • Don’t overspend on advertising
  • Record the response of every campaign held, and work your way from there. See which is the better one, and either stick to it or work around the same idea.
  • Guarantees ensure higher sales and that’s better for you!
  • Follow up with your old customers, this helps maintain a good relationship and also shows how committed and dedicated you are towards your work.
  • You should have a website and it shouldn’t be boring. Capture the customers’ attention. The motive is to make sure they don’t leave the website without even reading what you have to offer.
b2b side
There are a couple of flaws in BRB Marketing that have been exposed in this digital era-
  • No brand, thus nothing to recognize the company and its goals by
  • Lack of focus on online campaigns and ads, marketing and sales
  • Unsuccessful in realizing the worth of the Internet and its beneficial effects and advantages
  • No coordination within the company- major divide in sales and marketing sectors
  • Dedication to one sector on the cost of another
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