Are You Planning to Market your Brand Through Instagram? Here is how you do it!


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November 29th, 2017

Instagram as a social media marketing tool is gaining tremendous amount of popularity among brands. Customers, nowadays, enjoy being visually stimulated, which make social media websites such as Instagram an effective medium for sharing images.

Millions of people across the globe are using Instagram as a tool to share images and even short videos. According to Statistica, the mobile photo sharing network, as of September 2017, has about 800 million users worldwide, which makes it third after Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has made it easier for users to take pictures and share the same in their social network.

Are You Planning to Market your Brand Through Instagram? Here is how you do it

To a marketer, a pool of 800 million uncategorized customers’ on Instagram calls for an opportunity to convert at least one third of the sample size into potential customers.

Instagram is a great tool for promoting products, services and even solutions to a group of unclassified customers. When a marketing professional uses social media to share images or videos that relate to their business, they will forge a stronger relationship, not only with their target customers but also enable them to extend their reach to find new customers. Through Instagram, marketing professionals can encourage customers to submit their own pictures of the products being put to use.

Spending a considerable amount of time online is extremely important for your business, but if it is not fruitful, then it is probably time wasted. The time wasted does not bring in any revenue. Hence it is essential to have daily goals for each of the activity that is executed on a platform like Instagram.

Here are a few tips that will enable marketing professionals to maintain a high levels of engagement with their target customers:

1) Seek target customers:

This might sound cliché, but it is dire need for marketers to find target customers on Instagram or else the purpose of using this platform is lost completely. A marketer must literally spend at least 10 -15 minutes each day and vigorously seeking potential customers in the target market. They can do this by looking at customers who are following their competitors. They must find people who are more likely to engage with them or the brand. Marketers must keep an eye on their behaviour, whether they are leaving comments or liking pictures often.

Since Instagram is all about give and take, a marketer must ensure they are following a good number of people, organisations and even competitors.

2) Content sharing:

Digital marketing without content is literally impossible to think of. However content on Instagram should be exclusively unique and creative. Customers get attracted to interesting content that is out there. Lack of content and few pictures will all the more drop the reason for them to not follow a brand in particular.

3) Engage with customers on a constant basis:

To be successful in Instagram marketing, a marketer must engage actively with their audience. They should be prompt at reverting, even if it’s a simple thank you comment. Ask relevant questions and start a healthy dialogue with their followers. Marketers should also like their customers’ images and leave comments for the same.

The number of users on Instagram is growing by the day. To be effective in tapping target customers, a marketer must be ready to spend a considerable amount of time with their account and also be prolific with that time.

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