This is how Chat Bots are revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Domain

In this era, it is highly important for marketers to keep up with the dynamic technological changes that take place in the market on a constant basis. They need to keep track of the new technologies, apps, and methods that trend as it the only way to keep afloat in the cut-throat competitive industry. One of the most trending technologies in the market is chatbots – a computer program which has the ability to conduct conversation via textual or auditory methods.

This is how Chat Bots are revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Domain

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November 17th, 2017

Chatbots, today, is creating a huge revolution in the domain of digital marketing. They have been an unstoppable trend while marketers are adopting new strategies to promote their products and services through chatbots. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said chatbots are the next big thing as it will revolutionize how people use computers in the future.

Although new to the digital world, chatbots are altering the way brands communicate and thus, allow marketers to think of novel ways to market their products and services.

For novice marketing professionals, handling chatbots is a humungous task to accomplish as they are burdened with million apps that clutter their digital space. However, where websites and trendy apps have failed, the chatbots are continuing to thrive in the marketing industry. All it requires is a little patience and time to achieve complete mastery on these bots.

Chatbots have the innate ability to perform basic functions such as offering customer support, providing suggestions, addressing queries and securing messaging platforms that target consumers frequent.

The bots have a long history of evolution. It all began in 1966, ELIZA was the first bot of her kind which was smart and had an estimate of 200 lines of code. Then came PARRY followed by ALICE (1995) and then JABBERWACKY (2005).

These weren’t as famed as Siri – which an excellent epitome of digital marketing. The bots weren’t popular until Apple launched Siri which created excellent branding for the company. Siri is now a household name, almost every individual knows what Siri is. This known for her tremendous amount contribution in the digital world such as reading stories, weather forecasting and offering answers just like any human would.

This is how Chat Bots are revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Domain

In the recent years, companies have employed chatbots in their marketing strategies and continue to use as an active way to upsell their products and services. Chatbots are slowly taking over traditional marketing methods by being more inclusive of personal conversations and the like.

Today, all major brands have their own chatbots. For instance, Mircosoft’s Cortana which is ever ready to address queries and Amazon’s Echo that allows customers to order clothes, books and even food. Tacobot – Taco Bell’s newest chatbot, is a perfect epitome of great marketing strategy and customer service. It allows users to place an order in a jiffy by listing out the menu and updating them about any recent offers by suggesting extra accouterments along with item ordered. The chatbot skilfully executes it sales tactics without being assertive and brash.

Chatbots have the ability to scrutinize web cookies and track analytics to offer valuable suggestions based on a user’s past search history and purchases. This ability of chatbots has been considered an added advantage to businesses as they are in position to implement changes based on the inputs received by the bot.

Chats are time-effective and possess this unique quality of emulating human beings. They are prompt enough to offer logical solutions to queries and support customers through their inbuilt features, hence fostering a good relationship with users. This is an aim that most companies look forward to strive and they can achieve by employing chatbots in their business strategies.

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