Sales Operations & Quarterly Planning

Sales Operations and Quarterly Planning



September 05th, 2017

Sales Operations and planning procedure involves holding meetings frequently and with more groups in the process. Also an organization needs to consider critical changes in order to avoid complexities and collaboration challenges.

Even though sales operations and quarterly planning is a well-established, proven tool in customer packaged goods industry, many of the companies still don’t use it, and few could be realizing the greater benefits than they perform today from their efforts. Complexity has been increasing in the value chain pressurizing sales operations and planning processes, forecasting more difficult.

Keeping all these aspects, few parameters are to be considered for sales ops and planning approach:
  • Match objectives to processes
  • Adopting integrated value chain perspective
  • Reflect Tailored business streams in policies
  • Updated(leverage) Technology
  • Get closer to demand
  • Account for Unpredictable Elements in New Product and Promotion Cycles
  • Align to Harmonized Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Companies need to examine the sales operations-planning process and overhaul them as per the requirement of company’s objectives. Also the companies adopted this methodology of sales operations and planning must how they use it and check whether most efficient or inclusive methods available to get better results. Companies should consider the aspects such as decision making, strategy, tactics-operation, execution.

Advanced sales operations- planning processes are implementing predictive models to simulate the impact of various supply and demand scenarios, including the impact of pricing and merchandising decisions. Increasingly, more companies are ensuring that performance metrics and targets are aligned not only across functions within the company but across different companies in the value chain. Also, an understanding of economic trade-offs helps prepare the supply chain to react to these predictive inputs. Sales operations-Planning therefore needs to be frequently refreshed based on the changing realities of customer demand and value chain structure.

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