Top Four Tips to Make Your Online Advertising Campaign Useful


Digital Marketing


November 09th, 2017

The world is changing around us and with it the upcoming technologies are continuously evolving to assist end number of organisations and large corporates. Online advertising in one such domain in the marketing industry which has an insatiable appetite for incorporating up-to-the-minute changes.

With the fast changing trends, techniques used in online advertising which were once a raging success fade away at the blink of an eye. Thus, it is essential for every marketing professional to keep accessing and tracking novel online advertising techniques that are being implemented in the business so they don’t end up wasting time on doing something worthless.


Here are some updated techniques that are currently used in an online advertising campaign:

1) Online Contests and Competitions

Every marketing professional is familiar with contests and competitions. Without these, online marketing is nearly non-existent. The sole purpose for organising contests and competitions is to make target audience interact with the organisation and actively push them to be a part of a campaign which is, otherwise, impossible for the alternative media to generate.

Online contests gives customers a quick glance about the product/service. Besides, the incentives of prizes and awards associated with contests make it an exciting event for target audience. It is a common practice for marketing professionals to push customers to register for a contest. This can often result to the target audience to share contests on various online social media platforms. By engaging in such activities, a marketer can expect at least a thousand registrations, likes and shares. Although contests can pick a hole in the pocket, it is worthwhile to invest in such resourceful activities as it helps in promoting brand image and loyalty among target audience.

2) Distributing Free Online Samples

One of the best techniques of online advertising is to offer free online samples or trial versions of any product/service. Whether it be a sample of an online tool, video tutorial or any other online service, this is a most sought after technique which is being amply used by numerous corporates.

Sample distribution enables customers to try and test the product to the fullest. It is a way to explore undiscovered territories. However, this technique is short lived and doesn’t guarantee any return on investment as consumer behaviour tends to change over time. In order to retain consumers, a good marketer will always use the sign-up option before letting potential customers to access any material or service online. The technique used here by marketers requires users to key-in essential details like name and email-id. This database of target audience generated can later be used for other marketing campaigns.

3) Unique Content Generation

Generating unique content is another effective method of endorsing the brand online. Nevertheless, this domain requires to be placed under close inspection as the space that supports content submissions keep changing their protocols according to the updates of search engines. This is due to search engines being legally reprimanded if caught for not following cyber ethics. Content generation when enhanced with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can act as a permanent foundation for online advertising.

4) The use of social media

In this modern age, social media is laying the path for many marketing professionals to excel in the industry. The rate at which content or information reaches the audience is highly lauded in many organisations. Marketing professionals are making use of such platforms to endorse products or services.

One of the best features of social media is the “sharing” option rendered with each content, video or image uploaded. Sharing helps disseminate message faster, perhaps quicker to the target audience. The visibility of the brand increases thereby making it known both nationally and internationally. Emotionally engaging content evokes first hand response on social media. Besides, a good story line associated with the content or video will make the brand go a long way.

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