Marketing today is at the cusp of your business & its success

We all know how over whelming information has become in the current world, and for businesses it is both a boon and a curse. While you reach any corner of the world in a jiffy with information on your product or service with use of technology, you know so can each of your competitor and it is how you market your brand that makes or breaks the deal.




November 01st, 2017

Take a cue from companies like Coca–Cola the most popular brand in the world, or Apple, who just know how to showcase their product and uphold their brand while navigating through the roadblocks they have had. These companies take marketing as seriously as their product itself as they realize that marketing the right way is the only way.

From big brands like these there are many takeaways, here are a few
  • Be authentic
  • Make consumer feel that they are at the centre of all that you do
  • Always know your consumers and appeal to them with your product or services
  • Offer them information and let them know it’s free when it is
  • Listen to your customer and stand out with your services
  • Brand aesthetically

This is what works in the long run. Another note you need to take from big brands is leave no stone unturned. For a small business, it may seem impossible to tap into every media as there are one too many today, but research your target market and ensure you connect to them on a media where they will make their decision. Even with small budget you can reach out to many customers through emails, blogs, ebooks on knowledge of product or service for free, simple videos on how to use? This may not only create awareness but build trust and establish long term relationship with your present or prospective consumer. Ensure small or big, you budget in social media and be consistent, clever, innovative and valuable by engaging consumers with strong social presence.

To have a great marketing strategy in place is where the road to the success of your business starts. Research is the key to develop a strategy that leads to your brand success, take time and learn from companies around the world, so many stories success and failures are just few clicks away. If you can build on your strengths and show them how you can enrich their lives with what you have to offer, explore and know how you can make them fall in love with your brand; you can truly outperform your competitors. And remember marketing is an on-going process and more the consistency in your branding efforts more you will be recognized.

To conclude, marketing is how you connect to your end-user – consumer, no matter how awesome your product or service is, if you do not market the right way then your road to success gets only longer or may be meeting a dead-end instead. To survive and thrive create a marketing strategy that is effective, consistent, authentic and is changing along with the market.

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