Ever changing sales




November 09th, 2017

Sales has developed as a robust culture over the years and it is forever changing. In the current day sales permeates size of the business, be it a make at home products or a multinational diverse business or services online. Upgrading the sales culture has become the key to sustainability and growth. Monitoring and recording sale practices and evaluating the change in sales over a period of time and then creating processes that creates best mechanisms to achieve sale targets has been trumpeted over and over again across industries as a key to growth.


However, many businesses invest more in product and marketing and completely rely on personnel and their skills when it comes to sales. Sales experts say there is a paradigm shift in the way sales work now compared to even a decade ago. With diversity in the products and services available, no matter the industry, sales need more important pedestal in the organizational environment. If you want to lead then it is important to chalk out step by step process similar to production or even marketing. Firstly, define your process, invest if required to record what works best for salesmen, and identify the best practices and develop a guide facilitating navigation through the sales process that as best as can be fool proof.

Stay on board with up-to-date technology that increases your turn around time in creating presentations, quotations, and even closures by simply investing in technology that enables e-signature on the spot.

1) Expertise wins

Secondly, your sales personnel should be an expert; buyers have limited time and only buy from expert sellers. Ensure sellers are not expert just in product but also the company, social media, technologies such as mobile applications, cloud computing, internet research, and applications that your buyers may use to make their decisions. To ensure the support personnel from all the key departments are equally aware of the components that sales personnel will need; are involved in creating the process, updated and trained in all metrics is equally important.

Finally, remember sales is ever evolving and so while you coach the sales personnel let them know adherence is important by measuring and rewarding them for success. Observe and record their success as progress is achieved in the sales processes and by reinforcing success progressively you achieve sustainability.

2) Conclusion

While, recognizing change in the way you sell, upgrading all knowledge and technology that affects sales and re-engineering the process of selling is key to sustainability in sales; key support staff especially the senior management implementing the new processes are the key drivers of such change and progressive success. Sales is ever evolving and the only way you can achieve success is adopting change at the right time.

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