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November 09th, 2017

Did you know there will be about 3.7 billion users of global email by the end of 2017? According to an online study, there are nearly 54% users of email users worldwide which accounts for half the population on the planet. Emails have been the trend in the past and still continue to be these days.

Be it any corporate or social enterprise, sending emails is a prime requirement and an essential tool used for potential business communication. Due to its very versatile nature, emails are the most specialized and a technical approach to transfer any large file, attachment or business proposals.


In this day and age, emails are not only limited to sending written content, proposals or confidential files but are used in executing activities such as marketing campaigns and launching advertisements. It is this cut-throat era in which marketing professionals of reputed business organizations are teaming up with software experts and modifying the traditional email into something very trendy and worthwhile. Yes! Welcome to the era of email marketing.

Gone are the days when marketing professionals manually sent single emails to clients and customers about product or service promotions, these days software products endorsing email marketing is in vogue.

For those who aren’t aware, email marketing is a type of digital marketing tool that uses email or electronic mail for delivering commercial messages to an end consumer. With work being simplified using email marketing, many agencies and marketing departments of MNCs are creating unique content and then diffusing the same among customers or client via email campaigns. However, the only problem marketers face is the campaign does not guarantee an answer in return. It can either be a hit or miss depending on how catchy the content is.

Now, coming to the question – how does a marketer increase the chances of getting their email a click through and enhance conversions? A simple answer to this question – using the right email marketing techniques. Knowing how to reach end consumers and clients is a puzzle which can only be solved through effective email marketing techniques.

Here are a few best email marketing practices that professionals can execute in their day-to-day business activities:

1) Use a smartphone

Sending emails through smartphones is the future of marketing. A catchy yet crisp design of email content and template can lead to a 99.9 per cent increase in email clicks. It has been stated that regardless of any channel in marketing, the verve one gets while going through content on a small screen can certainly not be overlooked. Be it newsletters, templates, promos or even website promotion, everything should be responsive. Besides, including social media buttons such as LinkedIn and Facebook in emails will definitely increase the success rate of any campaign.

2) Employ Analytics and other relevant tracking tools

One of the best ways to track the performance and success rate of an email campaign is to employ data analytics. They guide marketing professionals and enable them to forecast the further course of action while guiding them to acquire better results from current marketing campaigns. Data analytics also help in tracking external variables such as customer behavior, market situation, demand & supply, and brand performance.

3) Make it easy for consumers/clients to sign-up for emails

As per experts in the industry, individuals tend to block or unsubscribe from emails that are either not appealing or inaccessible. Always write crisp emails and give users an option to register through uplinks and virtual buttons. A good marketing professional will always employ a floating footer bar, sidebar widget, slide in options etc. in their email to seize most subscribers.

4) Follow customers on social media

Email marketing can also be done through social media. Facebook, for instance, allows users to send direct mails, posters and leads to other users. Although social media is a completely different domain in marketing, one can still track their potential customers and carpet bomb segments through email posters and the like.

Social media is a relevant platform to engage with potential customers and also a great way to endorse a brand. Through trendy content and authentic engagement, marketing professionals can drive social media users to their website and thus, convert them into email subscribers.

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