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November 09th, 2017

Organisations these days are placing heavy emphasis on content generation. It has increasingly become important as Google or any other search engine. In short, content is the only lifeline of a corporate that helps to keep its business running. Bearing in mind the importance of content in business, marketing professionals are now engaging in content marketing – a form of digital marketing which stresses on creating unique content that captivates the attention of end consumers or perhaps, even clients.

Content marketing is all about generating ingenious, matchless and useful content, at the same time the content generated should bring value to the business and readers. Content marketing often forms a strong foundation for any digital marketing project.

How does content marketing help in promoting products or services?

According to a study, an average human being has an attention span lesser than that of a gold fish. People prefer visual content to reading as it is more engaging. Besides, evolution states that humans tend to pay attention to mobile objects than something that it is static. Similarly, content is the least preferred by customers due to its bland appeal.

However, content marketing, on the other hand, sustains the attention of customers through many different ways. Content marketing involves use of catchy phrases and punch lines that evoke customer interest. Sometimes marketing professionals might use phrases straight out from a Bollywood or Hollywood movie just to endorse products and services.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential to content marketing. Almost every content that goes on the website, be it backend or frontend, marketers tend to use a set of keywords or latent semantic indexing keywords which apparently makes the website trend on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Furthermore, through SEO content, marketers can also direct web traffic to their webpage.

With content marketing tools a marketing professional can easily improve the page views by implementing analytics and also increase the average stay of visitors on the website.

Content marketing is not only done to websites but is actively used in social media marketing, email marketing, advertisements, posters, brochures and many other collaterals that generate business. Nevertheless, to run a successful content marketing campaign the content used should be captivating.

Here are few pointers that will help amateur marketers to develop unique content for marketing campaigns:

1) Well-researched content

Be it catch phrases, idioms or any content, every possible idea should undergo through research, including a plagiarism check. A well-researched collateral with the right information can definitely leave customers for wanting more. Also, a well-researched piece can render an organisation the tag of credibility.

2) Educational

The content developed should not only impart relevant information but also be educational. Content marketing should be transactional in nature, that is, the content developed should evoke a sense of clarity and meaningful exchange between the customer and organisation. A good marketer should understand that content marketing is all about building a brand and not solely advertising their products or services. Ultimately, good content must offer value to the customer, new perspectives and reliable information.

It should help customers know more about the organisation – its products, policies and services. In the end, the information given should benefit them to the maximum.

3) Content should be authoritative

Content marketing is a highly competitive domain. The content developed must be highly authoritative as compared to other competitors. Besides, authoritative content with genuine facts will build trust between the company and customers naturally.

In order to create engaging and authoritative content, a marketer must identify essential keywords, research and then write relating to customer preferences and queries. For this, a marketer should make extensive use of Google Trends or other analytics tools, must monitor competitor websites and check for content write-ups with the most views, comments and shares.

Content marketing is the need of the day. Apart from these pointers, an organisation can use other upgraded software programmes that deliver desired results and ups the revenue curve.

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