B2C Sales Cycles are Shorter than B2B, Here is what you Must Know!

Do you really invest your prime time thinking about why B2B sales cycles are lengthier than B2C sales? Or wondering how can you make it shorter and close the deals impressing your boss? Here is what you must know as a marketer to deal with B2B sales.

In both B2B and B2C sales, while developing an effective sales force, you should know the clientele of your sales people. Also, be clear if your clients are the right fit for your products, services, and markets? Are they transitioning from B2B to B2C or vice versa?

B2C Sales Cycles are Shorter than B2B, Here is what you Must Know



September 05th, 2017

The major reason behind B2B sales being lengthier are that it has many hierarchies of business people and all of them have to be convinced to buy your product or services. Whereas in B2C what happens is there is only a single client or customer whom you have to convince and get the deal right done!

The second reason is that in B2B you need to have an in-depth understanding of customer/buyer requirements and they have to be aligned accordingly and also you need to fit your solutions and service to an already existing system which is the toughest phase.

Though both sales cycles require unique sales process, well-defined strategy and most importantly marketing communications. Rather than having a solid “average sales cycle,” we simply know how long we've been engaged with them and not how long they've been in the process of purchasing.

This is an important distinction. Although the data on how long we've been engaged with someone might be interesting, that is all it is. It can't be used as a touch point to turn on the pressure. It can't dictate that someone is ready to close by now – something by which many salespeople were managed in the past. So let’s think about the new skills with which sales team must be able to execute in today’s market.

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