6 Secrets of Procuring a Social Influencer's Attention




July 20th, 2017

To draw an influencer’s attention is not as easy as one would think. If you want to win the heart of an influencer in your niche you need to show up and be seen among other stuffs which we will get to in a minute. The simple concept is – Find an influencer in your industry with huge social following and fame within the industry.


The following are the six secrets for getting an influencer’s attention

1) Never Dive Into The Deep End First

Firstly, you have to stop running after distractions and ignore the top level influencers of your industry. When you’re just growing, it’s unusual to get attention from these people because your message is in the ratio of one of hundreds or thousands they view very often a week. Rather, broaden your focus to one or more influencers at one time and pick them carefully.

2) Step Your Foot In The Door Before You ask for assistance

Instead of rushing into the major appeal for your influencer, start with few of the basics of social media networking. Begin with by simply reading what an influencer will post and notice how he or she is going to engage with others. Once you get to know about the person, who the person is, how he or she communicates. You’ll learn more about the area of expertise along with the best way to get response.

3) Give Before Taking

It you begin a relationship by asking for assistance or a favor, the influencers are almost going to turn you down as they are very busy people. So instead of approaching with a request, start with some contribution value and make use of your ideas in combination of knowledge you huddled.

4) Stand Out From The Crowd

What makes you special in the crowd of competitors with billions of social media users and thousands of people clouting for any of the influencer’s time. If you’re not standing out of the crowd, influencers aren’t going to pay attention. So, optimize your profile to stand out by flaunting your niche and expertise. Don’t start off with a line that other people have probably used already; instead chase your own personality and offer something the influencer has never seen earlier.

5) Honor Their Time

Always respect influencer’s time. As they are busy people and unable to afford time to answer every request approaching them. Nothing will lead influencers away from you faster than careful attention or while their time is dishonored.

6) Try To Accept Rejection

As you go through, probably you’ll not be successful with the first influencer you work with. Try to handle rejections and move further to the next candidate. Influencer marketing in many ways.

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