3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Importance of Inbound Lead Qualification


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July 20th, 2017

In recent times, a lot of B2B Sales professionals have had to deal with the nagging worry of ‘bad sales leads’. However, instead of cribbing in vain about the so called ‘bad leads’, these Sales people must focus on finding the way to make these bad sales leads better, or even good. Now, how do we go about this? One of the biggest reasons for complaints about ‘bad sales leads’, is in fact very simple, the lack of accurate inbound lead qualification.

Many B2B companies do a surprisingly poor job of qualifying their sales leads upfront, as most of them only blindly follow their leads to the Sales teams.

A lot of the B2B companies tend to route all of their sales leads through a single, undertrained gatekeeper, like a receptionist or administrative assistant, who doesn’t do anything other than the taking in and passing on of a message. Thus, what these companies heavily do require is a process which would ask sales-related follow-up questions early on – and start to rank, sort and strategize around the sales leads before the first ‘sales call’ happens.

1) The first impression is the best impression

The first customer phone call is your chance to start building a good sales relationship by asking relevant questions and uncovering unstated customer needs. This is far too important a part, to foist off on a low-ranking staff member who hasn’t been trained in sales skills.

2) Lead Qualification Helps Build Trust and Create Customer Relationships

Asking the customer for well suited, important questions will show him/her that you care about their overall situation and that you want to build a much broader business relationship. Lead qualifying questions are a way to gauge the customer’s interests and, also demonstrate your curiosity and care for their possible overall challenges.

3) Lead Qualification Gives you a Jumpstart on the Sales Process

Lead qualification questions will help you determine the most promising, high priority sales leads. Instead of mechanically passing around all of your sales leads to the team, you could pass on that which would be the most productive.

Inbound lead qualification is a largely underrated and under-appreciated skill that more B2B companies need to consider investments in. It helps you gain valuable visibility into the intentions of your sales prospects, and gives you a way to organize your sales processes around your best sales leads. This in turn will ensure that your sales leads have the best long term results and larger profitability.

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