Data as a service

DaaS is emerging as underlying technologies that support Web Marketing services and SOA (service-oriented architecture) mature. High-speed Internet service has become increasingly available to support user access from more areas around the world, making DaaS an attractive option to more people and organizations. The evolution of SOA has greatly reduced the relevance of the particular platform on which data resides.

Ability to move data easily from one platform to another.
Avoidance of the confusion and conflict that can occur when multiple "versions" of (supposedly) the same data exist in different locations.
Outsourcing of the presentation layer, reducing overall cost of data maintenance and delivery.
Preservation of data integrity by implementing access control measures such as strong passwords and encryption.
DaaS is closely related to Storage as a Service (abbreviated SaaS) and Software as a Service (also abbreviated as SaaS) and may be integrated with one or both of these provision models. As is the case with these and other cloud computing technologies, DaaS adoption may be hampered by concerns about security, privacy, and proprietary issues.

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